Ancient Medioeval Chessboard



Medieval Onyx Chessboard : Base 20.4″x20.4″x19.6″ – Square 2.2″x2.2″. The edges of the board are decorated with various figures and a heraldic coat of arms. Add it to Medieval Chess men K801Cm

A Luxury chess board for the Medieval Chessmen, gold and silver finished. The best chess set you can find are here at Chess-Planet.

The Medieval Times, or Middle Ages, a mythological but real part of history, a time period between the 5th century and the 15th century. It followed the fall of the Western Roman Empire and  the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire is usually considered the end of this time period.

Rich of  events that happened during this time as  signing of the Magna Carta, the Black Death spreads across Europe and parts of Asia, and The War of the Roses. Feel yourself part of the history with a chess board gold and silver finished, add it to Medieval Chess men K801Cm

Create the perfect Medieval chess set !


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