Breton Chessboard



Royal Delux Onyx Chess Sets and Boards  – Checkerboard based Onyx: 51x51x10 cm – 5.6 cm square x5, 6. The edges of the board are decorated with various figures and a heraldic coat of arms.

Techical information of the manufacturing process of our artistic bronzes:
From the wax model, made by our sculptor, we derive the original form in melted bronze which is manipulated for the following production. The sculptor takes care of all the details (face, hands, etc). Each statue, once delivered from the foundry, is entirely retouched by hand and is mounted in its individual parts (welding of body, face, base, etc.). The statue is then completely gold- and silver-plated by an exclusively handicraft galvanic process, i.e. by means of electrolytic baths: a thin layer of 24 kt. Gold covers the whole surface of the piece treated and, in those areas where it can be seen, an additional layer of pure 1000 silver is spread. Some silver-plated parts are then oxidized (with oxidation silver takes different colorings; purple, light-blue, green, gray, etc.).
Finally, the statue has to be vitrified (i,e. dipped in a bath of transparent varnish), and then dried in a hot oven in order to guarantee the un-alterability of the color for several years. Very rarely it may happen that small debris comes out of the holes of the melted piece. It can be removed as follows: scrape it gently with a pointed object, rub it with a damp brush and cover the treated part with transparent fingernail polish.

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